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Storage guidelines

Similar to all skin care products, our products should be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Our skin care formulations carry a 1-year shelf life.

TIP: For additional cooling effect, you can place products in the fridge for 5-10 minutes prior to application. 

How do I use the serum and cream? 

We recommend AM + PM application (goes beautifully under make-up). Start by applying the serum and follow-up with a dusting of the cream for ultimate luminosity and hydration.

Serum: Gently shake. Dispense 2 to 3 pumps into clean hands. Apply to cleansed skin, gently massage into face and décollaté area.

Cream: Delicately massage into face and décollaté area in circular motion.

How is crocodile oil sourced? And made?

Our crocodile oil is sourced from Australia in accordance with strict regulations enforced globally by the CITES. This international agreement protects natural resources globally and ensures strict compliance. Crocodile oil is a byproduct of the crocodile farming industry. 

Our pure, premium crocodile oil is processed through a molecular distillation machine. This method preserves the benefits of the product, leaving us with a high quality oil high in vitamin E (healing agent, antioxidant), vitamin A (skin repairer, antioxidant), aIpha linoleic acid (anti-aging, anti-inflammatory), linoleic acid (weightless moisture, acne-reducing), palmitoleic acid (moisture retention, rejuvenates skin), oleic acid (repairs, balances, calms, and acts as a natural protective barrier to the skin). 

Our partner in Australia tests all batches to guarantee quality and safety of the final crocodile oil product.