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About Us

About Us

Let’s talk confidence
We’re on a mission to make everyone feel good in their skin by using natural ingredients that work. Confidence is less about how you look, and more about how you feel. That’s why we infuse our products with essential oils, to work on our emotions and heal us from the inside out. We will literally pull on your heart strings. 
Seeking the best the world has to offer
Made in Canada with globally sourced ingredients. We look to various corners of the globe for natural ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that promote a healthy glow.  

Meet Devan

Bright and ambitious, she's always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. In 2019, she had the thought: ‘why can’t your skin care routine also be a form of daily therapy?’ That question, paired with a natural curiosity about crocodiles, led to great things.

Devan sought out skin care products that used crocodile oil, but didn't find many options. So, Devan decided to create her own formulations that could promote healthy skin and also combat skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, dry skin, and signs of aging. This culminated in the brand you see today, CROCO Skin Care.

CROCO wants to make you feel good, from the inside out.

We’re so happy you’re here.